Hey everybody, I’m Jeremy Tank, and I own Think Tank Creative.

I started in art when I was really young. I went to two different art “specialty” high schools. Then,  I went to college for three and a half years, and got my undergrad (BFA). By the time I graduated, I actually had a position as Art Director at a boutique ad agency.

I loved being able to go in and help businesses create an image and grow, feeling secure in who they were with the identity we created for them.

I didn’t know at the time that was Branding — I just did it as part of the agency work.

After the pharma industry, I moved up to Seattle to support my fiancé. I got a job in the technology industry for a software company that works in the enterprise space. It was a whole different perspective from pharma, and really allowed me to invest myself into rebranding that company and products.

Last year, I got my Master’s degree (MFA). I heavily invested in learning “the process” and taking my skills to the next level. All of that, combined [with my experience in the professional world] is something amazing because it fills in gaps in both the places to me.

Right now, I’m really focussing on finding who I can help and how I can help them best. Back to creating identities so that businesses can own that and feel that it’s truly themselves as they grow and share that with the world.

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