For the first time in my adult life I see a huge chasm in the vision for our country.

I’ve lived long enough to remember what pensions were. Even though I’ve never been offered one.

I remember some of the legislation that jumpstarted personal retirement savings and reliance on the stock market. I remembered thinking 401Ks and Roth IRAs allowed companies to distance themselves from employee care while pretending meager care was enough.

If it’s not an employers duty to serve employees and protect them from the instability of the world; then whose is it?

It’s certainly not the government. The strong federal leadership we’ve seen for most of my life has turned into a broken brand of America.

It feels like the warnings of our colonial forefathers was extremely prescient.

When insanity rules at the federal level the only intelligent choice is to take back state power. To establish rules and set norms locally.

It’s not necessarily socialism that people crave. It’s stability. Guidance. A shift in the machine that stops taking advantage of loopholes in the system for personal gain, and teaches people HOW to create thier own stability in an unstable world.

Schools don’t provide that. Schools teach quarterly goals, behavioral goals, and industrial-assembly-line goals.

Corporations don’t provide it. Short-term profits, the gig economy, and risk-averse choices like hiring contractors instead of hiring employees puts the onus on the individual to keep food on the table. You can’t fire people who don’t work for you. No hard feelings because there’s not much trust to begin with.

The federal government used to pick up the slack. I mean, it was called a social safety net for a reason. We all land on hard times, sometimes. Socialism isn’t the asnwer. To expect the federal government to act apropriately to manage our economy, businesses, and citizens in a respectful manner is a laughable dream.

Citizens will be hung out to dry in the near future.

What game are the 1%, corporations, and Fed playing at? It feels part 1984, part Fahrenheit 451, part Handmaids Tale, and part Atlas Shrugged.

I wonder, sometimes, if the intention is to push America back to ground? Like a bully pushing around smaller kids when filled with internal anger and fear. What monster are we becoming?

Maybe this is the important lesson we’re supposed to take-away for America: you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. It certainly feels like that might be the message over the last couple years. Nationalism, sovereign-ism, and exclusion-ism. It’s divisive and hurtful. We’ve seen where this leads in multiple history books.

John Gault and economic theory be damned. I can’t see a Randian utopia through this haze of emotional pain and prejudicial anguish. Gault had a whole valley full of brilliant people ready, willing and able to work and support their tiny community.

What have we got? When Seattle wanted to increase a tax to start solving the huge housing problem, they were blocked by Amazon. CEOs often petition not to increase taxes on their business. It makes sense. If it were my business I’d likely do the same. All too often, the public gets duped. Millionaires cut checks fractional to the tax size and write it off as philanthropy. Double-win for the 1%.

The hell with real solutions, this teaches; buy your way out and you’ll pay far less, and if you do it right people will love you.

The problem with both employers and the government abandoning the worker is that the worker hasn’t been taught how not to be a worker. Schools aren’t set up to help discover innate truths and talents. They are set up to brainwash into obedience to be a cog in the machine.

We built the education and corporate system over the last 60 years to functionally teach people how to be dependent.

Overcoming these challenges becomes a personal mission—the most difficult task is to ignore pre-programming and take a leap. The programming is too old. The programming is based on the promise of a country that’s gone.

Now, it’s a right of passage when you break free of that programming. Coaches and counselors charge how much to help you be all you can be? To reward new paradigms, current corporate trends adore creativity, empathy, emotional intelligence, and thinking outside the box — when it‘s’ used to help their bottom line.

But most of this country isn’t there yet.

Most of this country will suffer greatly if the government pulls back the security blanket and pushes everyone out of bed.

Where does that leave us?

Automation and AI may displace tens of millions of jobs. Without government support many people will lose homes. If the Housing, technology, car loan, and education loan bubbles shake — even slightly — it might lead a radical cascade changing the face of our country. Shaking us back to grass roots.

The only logical thing I can see to manage that pain will be for the federal government to draft the Internet. Tax every transaction. Monitor every bit and bite for national security and stability.

Sure, the blame won’t publicly fall on Wall Street or any of the real players, but the fact is we’re on this path because the workers will be abandoned.

Empty promises, marketing blitzes, propaganda, and political rallies will insist we’re still doing great.

Meanwhile, internet commerce will need to be taxed as more people sink under the thumb of totalitarian digital rule, if not physical.

States might take back authority. Local communities may stop participating outside of comfort zones because when everything is monitored, we pull in. We shelter from the storm. We talk with neighbors in person, ditch technologies that won’t stop listening (which will be all of them), and try to escape our Orwellian existence.

I believe the future of America is small business. Or the one-man business, as seems likely in the most dystopian cascade.

Once giant corporations will operate on 1/1000th the current workforce through intelligent machines. Even the gig economy will be replaced and streamlined with automation. After the four economic bubbles pop and massive market correction hits the streets, job will be scarce, if any truly exist. Retraining will be necessary for advanced jobs which require creative problem solving skills—the one innately human trait.

How will normal citizens live? 
How will we keep paying bills and putting food on the table?

The choice is to starve, or invest in yourself, in your own interests, in your talents, and in your future — and open your own damn business.

No employees.

Just you, doing something that no others can; your way. Using kick-ass branding and marketing so others in your community see, hear, and resonate with you—because those are the tools to get above the chaos. And simply being brilliantly you. Brilliant because the media noise requires you to turn your personalilty up to 11.

The future may be small communities like Gault’s Gulch. Only the road to get there means breaking everything we’ve known about America for six decades. It means abandoning long-held covenants with the people who play, work, and live in this country. It means States take power back and radical mini-kingdoms pass laws about abortion, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion that feel out of place, hurtful, and insane in the modern era. It means the tenants of separation of church and state are simply words, and any man’s bible usurps millions of womens’ rights.

Maybe that’s the ultimate plan. Maybe that’s the big picture the 99% aren’t meant to see. Radical transformation requires radical change. Maybe this is a game where the 1% are empowering the masses by torturing them. Abusively pushing them to take command of their own destiny seems like a dumb plan to me.

Sure, if more people open small businesses and utilize the power of technology to build and maintain self-reliance, then small communities will once again become the heart of America’s future. That pre-supposes that a market correction will knock us down. 
Gee, it’s not like one of those is overdo, is it?

God forbid, the ignorance that pushes international allies away may actually save them if the market’s re-asses America’s value. The hero would be the person pushing our allies away, imagine that! America crashes and burns, locks up the internet, monitors every citizen like China, and saves the global economy all in one fell swoop. A hero.

Our division may leads to the rest of the world’s salvation. 
From the history books we can see what happens when splintering starts.
It’s up to us to choose to the road to Rome. Or not.

The dark ages created instability and chaos for the people.

The Feudal States of America wouldn’t stand a chance against the tides of anger sweeping the world.

I believe that it’s brave and right to build a business right now.

I believe the world needs leaders of light to bring communities together as chaos gathers.

I believe the future isn’t chasing education or someone else’s dream, but in finding yourself, working hard, and offering your talents to the world.

It doesn’t change the oppressive storm clouds, but it makes us stronger for whatever comes next.