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Comet Cars Story Cruises in Style

In May, Think Tank Creative opened our doors for The Imagineering Strategy Sprint. In the sprint, random business owners imagined themselves as the executive team for an automated car company. Participants took a novel idea and built a business framework around it.

First, the evening’s sprinters established the ideal customer; next they decided on a name, price point, and partners for the company’s structure and growth; last they used Post-It Notes to ideate product attributes and values.

The Comet Cars story shares the value of the “Netflix of Cars” as a viable future business concept, and one that feels on the precipice of reality.

The year is 2022—

Bill Tedson takes the elevator down from his high-rise apartment in the city. He’s a little nervous, and primed for his date tonight. He’s already pre-scheduled his transportation, and he’s got surprises lined up for the lucky lady.

As he exits the building a Honda Fit*5 arrives and his app lets Bill know this is his car. Bill gets in and says the destination confirmation out loud. The level 5 automated car smoothly pulls away from the curb.

Comet Cars is the Netflix of Cars. The idea of a membership car service with no drivers catches on quickly in Seattle and the surrounding areas. The monthly costs are about the same as a phone bill, with tiers of options built in. They have a deal with Honda, making the choice to become a member —rather than paying for a car, maintenance, and insurance — an easy one. As more people make the choice to become members the roads start to become easier and faster to travel. Not to mention safer.

Bill’s car pulls up to a house in Redmond. He steps out and walks to the house. As he approaches the front door, the Fit*5 pulls away, off to drive its next guest. Julie opens the door, smiles, and grabs her coat to leave. As they turn to go, a Honda Accord*5 pulls up.

“Purple! That’s my favorite color!” Julie cheers.

“I know.” Bill smiles back.

As they climb into the Accord*5, Bill confirms the destination. The Accord*5 replies in a gentle, masculine tone.

Julie laughs.

“I know it’s weird,” she giggles, “That always sounds like Denzel Washington to me.”

They float on conversation during the drive into the city. They have dinner at the Palomino and take in a musical at the 5th Avenue Theatre. After the show, Bill opens his Comet Cars app to let the car know they’re ready for pickup.

Outside, there’s a line of Hondas arriving and departing with surprising efficiency. The central system manages routes and guests to optimize the transportation process. Convenient, efficient, and coordinated.

Bill’s looking for something specific, though.

A purple Honda Pilot*5 pulls up and both guests laugh as they jump in. The Pilot*5 takes them out of the city, along I-90, and they find themselves at Snoqualmie Point Park. The evening is cool; so Bill scheduled the Pilot*5 to stop at the Amazoogle pull-through and stock the car with blankets and snacks before it picked them up. With all the customization Comet Cars allows, making purchases online and synchronizing it with the car is easy.

Bill tells Julie tonight is the best viewing of the Perseid Meteor Shower and they’ve got a prime spot reserved on the grass amphitheater.

The Pilot*5 pulls over to a charging pad embedded in a temporary parking zone. Honda’s line of vehicles for Comet Cars are electric. Around the state are small, high-efficiency solar collectors; wirelessly transferring it into the vehicles when they temporarily stop. Each vehicle is also coated with imperceptible solar sheeting under the exterior paint. The one-way specialty coat lets solar energy partially recharge the car, on-the-go.

Some time later the couple arrive back in Redmond. Bill walks Julie to her door and they say goodnight. The Pilot*5 is still in the drive.

Bill is confused, he was sure he’d scheduled another Fit*5 to get him home. He opens his app and sees a note:

Mr. Tedson— We noticed you still have items in the back of your Pilot*5. Rather than moving these into a smaller vehicle, we would like your Pilot*5 to return you safely home. We hope you’re okay with this decision.

If you prefer the Fit*5 you ordered, please press the button below and we will have it to you in 5 minutes 32 seconds… 31 seconds…

As the timer counts down, but Bill climbs into the Pilot*5 and dismisses the message.

This is a nicer ride at the end of the night, anyway.

Comet Cars

A Monthly Membership Automated Car Service

Your convenient vehicles of choice—when you need them, where you need them, and for all your travel adventures—for about the same cost as your phone bill.

Why would you ever buy a car again?