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Leadership change leads Seagull Scientific’s new corporate vision

Led by new CEO, Harold Boe, the executive team at Seagull Scientific wanted to align team members’ vision and clarity while planning the company’s future.

Through a single-day facilitation session, the unwavering team created the framework for a unified vision as well as actionable steps to bring back to their individual departments.

The new corporate vision charges forward with vigor, helping chart the importance of each employee’s contributions to company goals and illuminating a path for new products and limitless growth.

Executive Facilitation for clarity and alignment.

In the summer of 2016, Seagull Scientific founder and CEO Jeremy Seigel transitioned into the role of company Chairman. Harold Boe, former President and Chief Technology Officer, was selected to succeed him. Boe’s belief in team-focused management principles led him to quickly establish an executive squad to inform his leadership and provide sound company guidance. The Global Executive Team (GET) relies on proven company talent, as well as industry specialists and outsiders, to fill their ranks.

After thirty successful years in business, Boe’s challenge to the GET was to uncover and redefine the company’s purpose. Author Simon Sinek calls this a company’s WHY. As Sinek shares, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Redefining a company’s WHY after major management transitions establishes a new corporate vision under which the company aligns to move forward with momentum.

A company transitioning from a single point of leadership to team-leadership faces many struggles. Juggling multiple diverging opinions and finding alignment is a constant challenge.

Through a full-day facilitation session, the executive team shared their individual company-driven dreams, goals, and opinions. Team members clarified their positions and ranked goals on revenue generation, awareness, and increases in efficiency. The results provide a unified vision for Seagull Scientific’s future, under which every decision may be measured for consistent direction, as well as actionable steps to bring back to individual departments.

Visual and tactile voting finds points of unity and opportunity.

The new corporate vision launches an ambitious mission statement and corporate strategy. No longer self-categorizing as enablement software, Seagull Scientific is a company dedicated to long-term, stable business and partner relationships. The new vision opens avenues to growth through investments in employees and new product development.

In the U.S. office, coordinated internal campaigns engage current employees with monthly events. Tactics include flyers, digital graphics, stickers, cards, invitations, banners, and more. After 24 months, response to the initiatives is overwhelmingly positive, garnering plans to continue or expand many events.

The monthly opportunity to mingle and discover new employees, promote cross-departmental mixing, and flex the communication skills of software developers improves overall company morale. Events also allow mingling with the hierarchy of management and present a chance for direct recognition of specific employees, creating company heroes.

Internal engagement campaigns increase employee satisfaction and positively impact corporate culture.