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Medical Posters Showcase Personality and Humor

Cyrstals Healing Touch is the provider of high-tech acupuncture and health services north of Seattle. To educate patients in ways acupuncture can help recover from surgical and medical care, Crystals Healing Touch wanted to start a series of posters for medical conditions, related symptoms, and the ways acupuncture has been shown to assist in a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare.

Learning more about health conditions, acupuncture, and the effects of acupuncture than ever intended, Think Tank Creative offered a risky concept that pushed boundaries for a story-based solution anchored in dramatic pathos and humor.

The creative solution for the two “Understand Your Body” posters is centered on the dramatic interpretation of physiological conditions by the Refrigerator Playhouse actors. The actors, fruits and vegetables you might find in any grocery store, take the characters of organs experiencing hardships. While these topics might be difficult to discuss in a normal setting, the posters let the actors provide context through their performances, and reduce patient tension with disassociation and humor. This imaginative technique to approach difficult topics removes the stigma of reality, and makes challenging conversations more relatable and impactful to patients.

Post-Surgical Acupuncture

Radiation-Associated Acupuncture
Early sketches of the actors