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A Spiritual Leader Receives Her Heart-Warming Tribute

Striving to share wit and wisdom in all aspects of her life, Susan Sammarco is remembered across Arizona for her abundant influence. Finding divine inspiration and seeking to live a spirit-centered life, her activities as a prayer chaplain and spiritual advisor touched many people in special ways. After her passing, her loved ones commissioned a portrait to capture Susan’s magical personality and provide presence for her Celebration of Life ceremony. At Susan’s request—in lieu of a morose funeral—the Celebration of Life is a remembrance party for friends, family, food, balloons, music, stories, laughter and support.

Susan wrote:
“My true essence, richer
Because of the life I have led,
Returns now to a dimension I have known
And from which I will once again emerge.
To a life that continues with more vibrance
And understanding than this one has shared.”

To capture an essential essence of the community leader, Think Tank Creative stretched the standard form of discovery to accommodate a more thorough exploration of appropriate visual styles, as well as capture the intent, purpose, and brand of the woman celebrated.

The portrait is inspired by the WPAP artwork of Wedha Abdul Rashyd. A tutorial written by Rashyd, in 2013, provides guidance for the juxtaposition of polygonal shapes and expressive color palette. (Explore the tutorial, click here.) The final image is drawn from a public relations photograph of Susan, and is elaborated with illustrative light and texture elements which enhance and break-up polygonal planes. The effect creates a positive, energetic, and slightly otherworldly figure gently watching over her community.

A poster-size print of the portrait was placed at the entrance to the Celebration of Life, hosted in a large public park in Scottsdale, Arizona. Attendees celebrated the portrait for capturing the essence of positivity and spiritual energy which Susan embodied in life.

Energetic, vibrant, and spiritual
The Celebration of Life portrait of Rev. Susan Sammarco.
  • Sammarco Portrait Before