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The Woodshop Co-Op finds brand footing in the workshop

Chuck Chapdelaine runs Chapdelaine Custom Carpentry from an Everett, Washington warehouse, serving as his business headquarters, design studio, and creative workshop. Finding a stable rhythm of clients in his bespoke business, Chapdelaine enacted the second part of a visionary strategy and wanted to explore new brand concepts.

In a marathon discovery session, Think Tank Creative helped Chuck define what makes his customers’ needs special. He shared his vision of the future and excitement with his business solutions.

The brand strategy for the Woodshop Co-Op is defined by Chuck’s passion for woodcraft and helping others learn, grow and create. The stylescapes — encapsulated visual impact strategies — illustrate paths for branded customer experiences, designed to resonate with a modern appeal while honoring tradition.

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Stylescapes express the essence
of a cohesive brand feeling
while leaving room
for design and

The Woodshop Co-Op brand speaks
to a community of makers
and craftspeople


The Woodshop Co-Op offers communal space
for modern-day renaissance people
to learn and practice traditional




This brand story is currently in-progress and evolving.
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