Gavel in hand, I call this meeting to order.

For those who read ahead and backtracked, this is your primer. For those who feel they must start at the beginning, this is who we are at Think Tank Creative, how we feel about brands, and what we believe.


Our ongoing mission is to help businesses grow by providing grounded strategic direction and delivering experience-driven design solutions for sophisticated customer challenges. Primary in that sentiment is we want to see your business increase. Think Tank Creative is a business partner, not a one-stop vendor. Together, we invest in your vision, dream, and future—and to see your business increase is a way for us both to feel successful. We’re creative people, dedicated to our unique perspectives and honed abilities; whose experiences and capacity to learn and grow define us. We are not rude, but neither do we hold our tongues when it is of importance. Lastly, we do not pander or speak down to our audience. Intelligence attracts intelligence, and if two minds are better than one then a dozen are better than two.


We envision creative methodologies as fundamental business tools for teams of all sizes to explore, establish, and achieve important goals. The methodology of creativity is the paradigm of exploration and excising. You might also know it as options followed by intention. In this process, exploration leads to greater option quantity, which offers more opportunity when selectively defining success and pruning the excess with specific intent toward the outcome. While it sounds quite academic, the reality is more Athenian Democracy with an eye on the future.

Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think, an essential overview of human interface theories both digital and physical, explains why thinking this way is so difficult. Krug presents that people select the closest, fastest option when making decisions. When browsing a website, this means we click on a link “close enough” to where we want to go. This often manifests as the “first, best choice,” and we consciously waste time moving down the potentially wrong path—if we feel it might get us what we desire. In real life, this is wasteful. As a decision-making foundation, it’s abysmal. Creative methodology expands the initial scale of selectable options prior to defining and culling the ideas. Selections are made based on a determined need and goal.


We support our vision by sharing our strategic framework at the beginning of every client engagement; we call this discovery. These sessions allow us to get to know you, and give you a glimpse of our world. Our process often challenges stagnant business paradigms—if you want to get to China but refuse to leave your house there is no way we can help you. It identifies thought leaders, those donating a stream of innovative ideas to the group, and it provides clarity and direction for each stage of our process.

What we’re not

If you seek a quick website or a $5 logo, we are not the studio with which to work. Branding isn’t a one-off line-item on your marketing budget or a trend to pick up in 2020. Building a brand builds lasting legacies. It takes high-level input, time and planning. It involves creating a feeling around your company and engendering that feeling in your customer, because feelings trump logic when customers make their first, best choice to buy. Your brand reinforces Krug’s decision-making theory, on a corporate level, by connecting a gut feeling with your product and your customer’s desires. Done properly, your customers don’t even look at another product.

Next steps

Our Core Beliefs inform our branding paradigm and approach. We’ll go into these on the next post; suffice it to say, our mission and vision define why and how we proceed with our creative endeavors. Our Core Beliefs are the foundations of our contributions to the world.

Whether you have a company, product, or personal brand—our job is to help you envision the perfect future. Then we want to help you build it. Think Tank Creative creates custom solutions with teams of experts and high-level thinkers, and executes with quality and panache.


If you agree with us, super. If not, that’s cool. Let’s start a dialogue. Share your opinions. Comment, and be civil.