A brand consultant is someone who helps define what you offer, who you are, and what you believe so you can more easily share it with the world. Qualifying professionals might be your priest, psychologist, best friend, mentor, or bartender. As a business, your brand also reflects your goals, ideals, values, strategies, and business model. Experts and specialists help condense and convey that package to your customer. Can you imagine how silly the Nike swoosh seemed when first released? It took years to create meaning in people’s hearts and minds. Just do it® didn’t just happen. The challenge today is that showcasing your unique brand to the world has gotten way too crazy and complicated. To be the next Nike or Google means either starting really well-funded or with a really good plan, and that’s where a brand consultant helps.

Understanding  Why

Business — by itself — is defined pretty easily. A business transaction is one where two “people” see more value in what the other person has than what they have. If I have a tomato the size of a football and you have $5 and want to make a bunch of salsa; then maybe it’s a good trade. And that’s how business happens — you have a need, I have a product, and we trade. Classic examples are supply and demand, problem and solution, and opportunity and entrepreneur.

The challenge is this: the Internet broke “easy” business. It wasn’t slow or gradual — not even a full generational cycle — and now businesses struggle without a website. This isn’t a generational thing, this is a technology thing. The Internet opened competition globally and put all that competition into every phone. As a business, if you’re not online then people don’t know you exist.

“Have you got a website yet?”

“Yeah, man. Who doesn’t?”

Then we invented social media. Social websites opened the floodgates of content and sharing. Suddenly, you don’t need a website if you use Facebook to pitch your side hustle.

This is noise, and it’s getting louder.

Hard Impact

The latest research from Adobe shares that we’re all impacted by somewhere between 10,000 and 14,000 brand impressions every day. Folks, that’s not an impression. That’s assault. Every icon, logo, jingle, design, color, shape, meme, texture, cutout, binding, process, and flavor put in the world by a business is part of this assault. They’re all designed to influence you to buy a product, remember the business, make an “authentic” connection and buy again. In the next five years, it will grow to over 20,000 impression per day, per person.


The Helper

How would you like to have someone to bounce ideas off of? Someone to help dress you, comb your hair and remind you to be your best? It might sound extravagant. Maybe that’s a service for a celebrity or royalty. It feels like the more famous you are, the more you’re required to have advisors who keep you on-target looking and acting appropriately for your brand.

As a business, it’s easy to lose focus and direction. It’s easy to lose your sense of brand. That’s why Brand Consultants exist.

Brand consultants dress your business for success.

We keep your business on-target: looking, speaking, and acting like the brand you want to be. We help envision the future and create actionable steps to help you get there. Generally, that’s called a plan. Specifically, it’s a strategy: your Brand Strategy.

We help figure out the best way to present your business and brand to the world, the words to use and the visuals that capture your audience, so you can focus on doing the work that pays the bills.